Video: Soundtrack to “Der Golem” (1920) — A Live Living-Room Concert

In this video, we perform our sound track to the movie Der Golem from 1920. We show parts from the movie and play our compositions and improvisations live on top of that. The gig took place at the Kiefholzstraße in Berlin on Saturday, the 11th of May, 2019.

We have been given this opportunity by Isabel and Christoph, who graciously provided their living room for the performance. Thanks to all who attended, to all who made this possible.

Yes, it was very loud. I’m still amazed the kids slept through it all 🙂


Featured on the “Fuck Silence! Vol. 1” compilation

Finally our lengthy online marketing courses have paid off! We’ve made an appearance on the Fuck Silence Vol.1 compilation, among artists such as Silent Towers, Erebus, Veuskemini, and Diego Soddu.

It’s 72 Minutes of ambient electronics, experimental music, and noise.
Go check it (and us) out:

Thanks to SuicideKid1979 for the support!

Gig Report: Baumscheibenfest 2017

Right before the 2017 Edition of the famous Baumscheibenfest our new Ikeaphon arrived. We’re super happy, the neighborhood probably isn’t.

Thanks to everybody who showed up at the Baumscheibenfest 2017. You were a blast! Special thanks goes to Gregor Gysi for pretending to be interested in noise, and Ina Schmidt for taking the pictures!