Coming Soon on Sublime Retreat: Der Golem

900RPM — Der Golem on compact cassette. Out on Sublime Retreat, February 20th, 2020.

900RPM will release their first full-length album on the 20th of February 2020. The soundtrack to the movie Der Golem, Wie er in die Welt kam will be released via Sublime Retreat. It will be available as both a compact cassette and digital download.

More info soon!

Using a cassette player for samples — How very retro!

At a recent flea market I found this wonderful cassette recorder. It was originally used for language courses, so that’s why it has some non-standard switches on the front. I, however, use it like a normal cassette player, to give the samples a nice bit of warble and saturation.

In the short video above, you see the cassette recorder in the process of recording a sample loop from my SP404 SX sampler.