A very detailed interview with 900RPM, now at Der Eibenreiter magazine

Der Eibenreiter

A while ago, Johannes from Der Eibenreiter asked me to do an interview. I was happy to oblige, since his magazine likes to go more in-depth than most others, and this is a perfect chance to shine some light on the background processes going on within 900RPM, and the creation of our album, Der Golem.

Over the course of these past weeks, we have been slowly working towards a rather lengthy piece: We talk about music, art history, modern society, a bit of philosophy, and there’s a whole lot of social critique, too.

Go read the interview at der-eibenreiter.de!

Coming Soon on Sublime Retreat: Der Golem

900RPM — Der Golem on compact cassette. Out on Sublime Retreat, February 20th, 2020.

900RPM will release their first full-length album on the 20th of February 2020. The soundtrack to the movie Der Golem, Wie er in die Welt kam will be released via Sublime Retreat. It will be available as both a compact cassette and digital download.

More info soon!

900RPM will perform at Frostfeuernächte 2020

Good news everyone! 900RPM will return to the famous Frostfeuernächte festival this year. We will play our live soundtrack to Der Golem, Wie er in die Welt kam at the Frostfeuermarkt, which is the freely accessible part of the festival. In other words: Come see our show for free.

If you want to watch the film and listen to our eerie soundtrack, make sure to bring a blanket; the stage is outside.

900RPM will perform twice on this festival: Friday at 17:50, and Saturday at 17:40. So come listen, buy some mead, and hang out!

Festival Information

Location: KiEZ Frauensee, Weg zum Frauensee 1, 15754 Heidesee (Map)
Festival Website: http://frostfeuernaechte.de/

Running Order

The 2019 Catacomb Concert: An Impression

Saturday, the 9th of November 2019, we invited select guests to join us in our live, full-length accompaniment screening of Der Golem, wie er in die Welt kam from 1920. We played the entire movie, with a break in the middle. We performed our improvisations live in our subterranean practice room. It was a wonderful evening, and we had a ton of fun. In this post you will find some impressions created by our guests.

And finally, Özgür Kesim made a neat video that covers the first half of the performance. It is surprisingly good, considering it was made with a phone!


Using a cassette player for samples — How very retro!

At a recent flea market I found this wonderful cassette recorder. It was originally used for language courses, so that’s why it has some non-standard switches on the front. I, however, use it like a normal cassette player, to give the samples a nice bit of warble and saturation.

In the short video above, you see the cassette recorder in the process of recording a sample loop from my SP404 SX sampler.

Magazine recommendation: Der Eibenreiter

After meeting Johannes and Theresa from Der Eibenreiter, we quickly ended up talking shop. Since their online magazine talks about music, art, and rituals quite a lot, the fit with 900rpm was a natural one.

In reciprocation to Johannes’ kind words about our band on his website, I would like to recommend you go and take a peek at what they’re doing.

Check out der-eibenreiter.de (Website in German)

Video: Soundtrack to “Der Golem” (1920) — A Live Living-Room Concert

In this video, we perform our sound track to the movie Der Golem from 1920. We show parts from the movie and play our compositions and improvisations live on top of that. The gig took place at the Kiefholzstraße in Berlin on Saturday, the 11th of May, 2019.

We have been given this opportunity by Isabel and Christoph, who graciously provided their living room for the performance. Thanks to all who attended, to all who made this possible.

Yes, it was very loud. I’m still amazed the kids slept through it all 🙂


Live Living-Room Concert: “Der Golem”

A quick reminder for you all. This coming Saturday, 11th of May 2019, we will perform our sound track to the movie Der Golem (1920). We will show parts from the movie, and play live on top of that.

We have been given this opportunity by the Dittmar family, who graciously provide their living room for the performance. There’s a free buffet and drinks for cheap, and in true 900RPM-fashion, it’s a pay-what-you-want entrance fee.

Doors open: 20:00 (Limited space, be on time!)

Come say hello, have a chat with us. Drink, eat, and watch the show.

Still from Der Golem, wie er in die Welt kam (1920)

Featured on the “Fuck Silence! Vol. 1” compilation

Finally our lengthy online marketing courses have paid off! We’ve made an appearance on the Fuck Silence Vol.1 compilation, among artists such as Silent Towers, Erebus, Veuskemini, and Diego Soddu.

It’s 72 Minutes of ambient electronics, experimental music, and noise.
Go check it (and us) out:

Thanks to SuicideKid1979 for the support!

Release: “Keyhole Narcissist” — Available now!

Finally. It’s here.

We proudly present our latest release: Keyhole Narcissist.

900RPM – Keyhole Narcissist

To end this cathartic experience of a year, and after a long, long journey —which has taken us from washing machines, to disassembled drum kits, via dangerous tuning peg scrapers, to getting squeezed out of our workshop— we now finally arrive here, at the end of 2018. On the year’s very last day, the cycle indeed comes to an end. A new one begins soon. Before it does, however, we will make ourselves known with full force. This release is only a glimpse into our future, but it’s a promising one.

Available for €3,- as a high quality digital download with amazing artwork via our Bandcamp page.

Take a listen with the player below:

Coming Soon: “Keyhole Narcissist”

900RPM - Back of the Band
The back of the band

We’ve been working very hard lately. We’ve even gone so far as to do an actual band picture (see above).

“Why?” do you ask — and I don’t blame you. It’s been a while. But no fear. On the 31st of December 2019 we will release “Keyhole Narcissist” on our Bandcamp page. Its all taken a while since we decided to first build our own instruments. But it has made it a whole lot better than with conventional ones, let me assure you!

But to tease you already, here’s a picture of the cover art already, for your enjoyment!

900RPM - Keyhole Narcissist
Keyhole Narcissist cover art

New Video Clip: “Davai, Davai, Rabota.”

In 2017, we finally got our asses in gear, and produced this video clip. It’s for an unreleased track of ours, called “Davai, davai, rabota.”

Even though that means something like “let’s go to work,” we were still excruciatingly slow in actually producing it.

After releasing our full-length demo The Law of Contagion, we will now focus on building sound-tracks to movies. In this case we’ve been invited by the Potsdam Film Museum to perform a live sound track to the 1920’s film Der Golem.

That’s cool and all, but 1,5 hours is a long time. To increase the workload, we’ve also decided to build almost all the instruments ourselves. Suffice it to say that it’s going to take a while. So for now, you’ll just have to watch the video clip a couple of thousands of times. Here it is, have fun!

Gig Report: Baumscheibenfest 2017

Right before the 2017 Edition of the famous Baumscheibenfest our new Ikeaphon arrived. We’re super happy, the neighborhood probably isn’t.

Thanks to everybody who showed up at the Baumscheibenfest 2017. You were a blast! Special thanks goes to Gregor Gysi for pretending to be interested in noise, and Ina Schmidt for taking the pictures!

Release: “The Law Of Contagion”

900RPM - The Law Of Contagion (2016)
900RPM – The Law Of Contagion (2016)

In 2016, we started recording and producing our first real release. Originally, we wanted to make a simple demo, but it turned out we ended up with something more than just that. Today, we proudly present our new release: “The Law Of Contagion”

Below, you’ll find the full 2016 demo in a player taken directly from our Bandcamp page. It is available for free for your perusal and enjoyment. Sit back, relax, and let it wash over you — pun very much intended.

A Nebulous Rehearsal Affair

Once upon a time in a crumbling building, within a crumbling commercial zone, within a crumbling city, within a crumbling country, within a crumbling federation, we practiced.

We used an ungodly amount of nebulous emissions from the smoke machine. It looked like this:

900RPM - Nebulous Rehearsal
I can’t hear, I can’t see.

Afterwards people complained about the smoke. It was great.